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Fenêtres Murées/ Daylight Robbery

2010: Co-creation and performance: Maryse Beauchamp, Mélanie Binette, Catherine Dumas et Roxanne Robillard. Direction : Mélanie Binette. Spatial advisor: Patrick Ma.

Video: Marlène Poulin.

Shadow puppetry performance using performers’ silhouettes in a Griffintown dead-end for Urban Occupations Urbaines (Shauna Janssen). Bilingual performance for a bilingual neighbourhood. The performance revived the ghosts of the industrial revolution in a site stocked between a CN viaduct and the New City Gas building, back then in a serious state of deterioration.  It attempted to create a dialogue between different bygone eras during a brief moment of transition for the Griffintown neighbourhood, right before the massive implantation of real estate developments. The performance helped to ponder on the transience of urban landscapes by bringing back the shadows of Griffintown.

Here’s a link to a post-performance conversation between Melanie Binette and Shauna Janssen,

and to a theatre review by Anne-Sophie Carpentier for Quartier Libre (in French).

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