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We select places or architectural features as starting points for creating immersive performances that blur the limits between reality and fiction. Our process varies accordingly to the affordances or constraints each space has to offer. The form and the medium choices equally depend on the site’s specificity: video projections, shadow puppetry, sound installations, etc. The way we engage with spectators in our performances also remains dependant upon each project’s specificity. One thing for sure: Théâtre Nulle Part does not like dictating the spectators’ experiences within a forced interactivity, and generally prefers to engage their bodies and senses into experiencing an immersion in which they remain free to choose their own level of engagement.

For more information on our process:

Binette, Mélanie. « Le Théâtre Nulle Part : transcender l’espace dans la pratique in situ » Revue Aparté, Arts Vivants : recherche et creation 01 (2011) : 44-48. Print. (In French)

This link will lead you to a “Le Voir” article situating our practice amongst those of other companies dealing with site-specificity in Montreal (in French, 2010) .

Click here to hear more about spectatorship and immersive performances, by taking a quick look at Mélanie Binette’s graduate research.

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